Sunday, October 30, 2016

Galing ng Filipino Photographer!

Be proud Pinoys! Again, there were talented Filipinos who stood out in the Sixth Season of the Spaces of Light Photography organized by Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center. Spaces of Light Photography aims to represent the artistic beauty of the Islamic architecture. It is one of the most prominent photography competitions in the world so a lot of amateur and professional photographers joined the event. The participants were given around six months, from December 2015 to May 2016 to work on their masterpiece.

One of the winners was our fellow Filipiino, Sherwin Dela Pena. He won the third place in the Time Lapse Category. Sherwin is based in Abu Dhabi and working in the field of IT. Having the passion in photography, during his free time, he shoots in weddings, events and concerts. Weddings is his personal favorite. For him, it’s not just being a photographer but being a storyteller. In those photos, each moment can be relived. 

To see more of Sherwin’s crafts, visit his website: 

Watch Sherwin’s Winning Masterpiece:

If you also have a story you want to share, feel free to send us a meesage on our facebook page  , or simply fill out this form:

Monday, August 22, 2016

Illegal Recruiters are Using Ahalia Hospital's Name

Please be careful with illegal recruiters. We received a private message from JR regarding a scam. 

JR is a physical therapist in one of the hospitals in Saudi Arabia. He's looking for better opportunity in UAE by signing up and applying for jobs in outsourcing websites. Last August 21, 2016, he received an Appointment Letter from Al Neyadi Travel and Tours for a job in Ahalia Hospital. The salary being offered was high and very appealing. He was asked to pay $4,200 through Western Union or Moneygram for the processing fees, documentations, courier and family visa. JR asked his friend in Abu Dhabi to verify the appointment letter with Ahalia Hostipal but it turned out that everything was a fraud. JR wanted to make sure that he was no missing a big opportunity so he called Ahalia Hospital himself. The HR personnel of the hospital also confirmed that the contract was fake and that the HR did not sent him any email.

JR wanted to share this experience to warn everybody specially our fellow Filipinos of this scam. Thank you JR!

Here is the email that was sent to JR:


Today at 2:37 AM
We received your application and confirmed the Authenticity through the Human Resource Department of The Ahalia Hospital ABU DHABI - UAE ,concerning your job and the issuance of your working permits/entry visa. We therefore confirm further details as follows :

In order to commence processing your work and residence permits/entry visa into UAE, you have to send/complete the applicant working/entry visa application form. Return to us as scanned Email attachments, along with the below identification documents:

1) Data page of International passport

2) Filled visa/work permits application form

3) A passport sized photograph

You have to complete the registration form and sendalong-with per-requisite Government/Immigration charges below:

A) Work Permit Fee: -------------------------- USD 350.00

B) Residence Permit Fee: ---------------------- USD 300.00

C) Release Documents: ------------------------USD 400.00

D) Entry Clearance Fee:-------------------------USD 250.00

E) Courier /Dispatch: --------------------------- USD 200.00

Total: USD 1,500.00

Payment for Family Status Processing is USD 2,700 , and this will cover for your entire family. Also Include the passport copies/photos of your family members. Please send the above fees strictly via Western Union Or Money Gram to the attention of the processing officer .

Please use Western Union Or Money Gram, as a means of payment, because this is the easiest and the most effective way to receive money within a short period of time, especially with the urgency attached to the processing of your Application.

Get back to us to enable us provide you with our Western Union Or Money Gram Payment details:
We will send you by courier service the original work permit/entry visa and all the hard copies of documents to your forwarding address, please indicate your preferred postal address while reverting with the work permit requirements.

We will also send you the Air ticket to fly from your Current Location to Abu Dhabi after the process is completed.

The Air Ticket will be provided by the Hospital's Management .

Thanks in advance for your kind understanding and co-operation as we whilst immensely for your soonest co-operation.

Yours faithfully,


Behind National Exchange,
Liwa St, P.O. Box: 26164,
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
TELEPHONE: +971 527 325 087

Here is the first and last page of the Appointment Letter they sent to JR:


Saturday, August 13, 2016

No More OEC But You Need to Register

President Duterte heard the OFW’s sentiments! He has started taking action not only against drugs but also in making the life of OFW’s easier. The President has already given an order to POEA to restructure the processes in deploying OFW’s.

In accordance with POE Governing Board Resolution No. 12, Series of 2016, starting on September 15, 2016, although this will still be on experimental basis, qualified OFW’s will no longer be required to secure overseas employment certificate.

You are qualified and exempted if:
  • You are returning to the same employer and job site and should be listed in the OFW POEA database
  •  Hired through the POEA’s Government Placement Branch

The New Procedure:

Before going for vacation, you need to register at the Balik-Manggagawa Online Processing System and provide your personal and employment details to check if you are qualified and exempted from getting an OEC. However, if you are not exempted from getting OEC during the time of your registration, you will have to set an appointment with the POEA office in the embassy.

If you are exempted in getting OEC, your updated profile will be forwarded to the Bureau of Immigration. This will serve as their basis for your clearance during your exit at the airport without fees.

However, if you proceed to the airport without registering in the Balik-Manggagawa Online Processing System you will be referred by the Bureau of Immigration to the POEA’s Labor Assistance Counter for evaluation, to determine if you will be cleared for departure or will be subject to complete travel documents and of course to pay required fees. 

For further details, here is the resolution: POE Governing Board Resolution No. 12, Series of 2016

Source: How to get OEC

Friday, August 9, 2013

Philippine Passport Requirements (Philippine Embassy Abu Dhabi)

Passports should be renewed 6 months before its expiry date to avoid any problems with immigration in case of emergency travels. Before going to the Phlippine Embassy be sure to have all the documents required for passport processing.
Here is the list of requirements for the Machine Readable Passport (MRP)


1.   MRP Data Encoding Sheet
2.   Three (3) colored photographs
  • Size 3.5 cm  x  4.5 cm
  • Royal blue background
  • Decent attire with collar
  • Taken within the last six months
  • Good quality, not glossy paper
  • Facial image must not exceed 3 cm
3.   Current Passport
4.   Photocopy of current passport showing the following:
  • Inside front cover
  • Inside back cover
  • Page containing latest Philippine immigration departure stamp
  • Page containing latest UAE immigration stamp
  • Page containing UAE visa
5.   Personal appearance of applicant, except:
     If (a) 8 years old and younger,  (b) 65 years and older,  (c) Mentally and physically incapacittated, applicant shall be represented by Filipino parent, son/daughter or guardian.
6.    Fee: AED 200


Please note: Report of Birth must also be accomplised at the Embassy by the applicant at the same time.

1.    MRP Data Encoding sheet, accomplished by either parent (if illegitimate, by mother)
2.    Three (3) colored photographs
  • Size 3.5 cm  x  4.5 cm
  • Royal blue background
  • Decent attire with collar
  • Taken within the last six months
  • Good quality, not glossy paper
  • Facial image must not exceed 3 cm
3.    Birth Certificate issued by UAE Ministry of Health or Abu Dhabi Health Authority, stamped and signed by the Embassy, and the photocopy
4.    Report of Birth issued by the Embassy, and photocopy
5.    Passport of Filipino parent, and photocopy
6.    Personal appearance of Filipino parent
7.    Fee: AED 200


1.    MRP Data Encoding Sheet
2.    Three (3) colored photogrphs
  • Size 3.5 cm  x  4.5 cm
  • Royal blue background
  • Decent attire with collar
  • Taken within the last six months
  • Good quality, not glossy paper
  • Facial image must not exceed 3 cm
3.    Report from the UAE Immigration Office, stamped by the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ, and translated into English
4.    Affidavit of Loss ( form available at the Embassy)
5.    Birth Certificate and photocopy, if available
6.    Photocopy of lost passport, if available
7.    Personal appearance of applicant, except: 
       If (a) 8 years old and younger,  (b) 65 years and older,  (c) Mentally and physically incapacittated, applicant shall be represented by Filipino parent, son/daughter or guardian.
8.    Fee: AED 20

Abu Dhabi-Philippine Passport


Friday, July 12, 2013

Invest in Stocks with Your Php5000

In my last blog " Invest in Stocks", I have given the basic idea how the stock market works. I also mentioned that you can start investing in the Stock Market initially with your Php5000.Some of you didn't actually believe that. So here, I prepared a short tutorial how you can start investing in the Philippine Stock Market with your Php5000. Learn and enjoy. Watch the video

Powerpoint presentration version just click on the "NEXT" arrow on the image below located at the right side and bottom of the image. 

Within two months of investing in the Stock Market, I already received dividends from BDO and FPH. These two big companies were recommended by Bro. Bo Sanchez of Truly Rich Club. It is a good start for me. In this industry, as a newbie, you need a mentor for you to succeed. It takes some action and the discipline of saving for the future.

On my next article on OFW Business Ideas, I will be sharing how we should manage our expenses especially to OFW's which I also learned from the Truly Rich Club.

"Don't have bad debts..Why?Because your making the greatest magic in the world your enemy..Albert Einstein said, the greatest magic in the world is not nuclear power,it's not the theory of relativity,the greatest magic in the world is compounded interest.Don't make it your enemy.Make it your friend by investing." - Bo Sanchez

Join the Truly Rich Club
Invest in Stocks

Monday, July 1, 2013

Invest in Stocks

The Philippine Stock Market is down. I rushed this article to encourage my fellow OFW's to invest in the stock market while it is on BIG SALE as we call it in the club. This is the right timing to be share holders of MERALCO, SM, BDO, and more big companies in the Phlippines. This is what Warren Buffet did during the recession time where companies shares were at their lowest prices in USA. He kept on buying shares of different companies and look at him now, he is a multi millionaire.

Let me explain to you, in my own understanding, how the stock market works. Let us take for example ABC Company being owned by Marie. ABC Company should have 100,000,000 unit shares in order to operate the business. Marie, the owner, owns 75,000,000 unit shares and the remaining 20,000,000 is owned by Marie’s business partners. ABC Company needs more business partners for the remaining 10,000,000 unit shares needed for the business. Since ABC Company is stable and a big company, it is listed in the Philippine Stock exchange. There are 10,000,000 unit shares of ABC Company for sale in the Philippine Stock Exchange. Now, you want to be a co-owner of the ABC Company and a business partner of Marie and this is possible by buying shares from from the Philippine Stocks Exchange. Since you cannot directly do transactions with PSE, you need a trusted broker company like COL Financial. All your stock transactions will be through this broker.

Let me continue, let us say ABC Company is being sold at Php5 per share with a minimum of 100 unit shares. The initial minimum investment with COL Finanacial Easy Investment Plan is Php 5000. You can afford that right? When you buy 400 unit shares of ABC Company, you now become a co-owner of the company having 400 unit shares. You might be asking why only 400 shares while you invested Php 5000 with COL Financial? Because there would be service charge and tax fees.

When ABC Company performs well in the market, the per unit share value will increase to Php5.01 and up, then your money earns. But if the market goes down, don’t worry about this because you will not be into stock trading. COL Financial Easy Investment Plan is long-term period up to 20 years and uses cost averaging. MERALCO was only Php295, five years back, but now it is at Php330 even the stock market is down.The value of your money increases in the stock market with long term investment.

Investors lose big amount of money when they go into stock trading. This is a gambling game and this is not recommended in our club. To understand more about stock market and to have some more tips, please download this e-book, "My Maid Invests in the Stock Market". There are some maids who religiously invested in the stock market with COL Financial’s EIP and now having around Php 400,00  and co-owners of big companies. You will know them inside the book.

Abu Dhabi-OFW-Invest in Stocks

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

For Rent in Abu Dhabi

I just want to share you some tips I learned from transferring house for 3 times now since January of this year. 

Where to find rooms for rent?

The first thing I do is visit. There are hundreds of rooms for rent ad in this site. You can filter the ads according to price, location, furnished, and attached bath. It is where I found my two rooms. This site is reliable when you are searching for accommodation.
If you were not able to find the room you desire in dubbizzle, walk along Hamdan Road where you will find many flyers posted at the bus stops or building walls.

Based on experience Room Rentals:
Bed Space  = AED 500 – AED 950
Room Sharing = AED 1200 – AED 1600
Maid’s Room = AED 1200 – AED 1600
Maid’s Room attached bath = AED 1500 – AED 2300
Normal Rooms = AED 2300 – AED 2600
Master Bedroom = AED 2800 – AED 3800
Salon = AED 4000 and up

The rent usually comes with free water, electricity, and optional free offer for wifi, TFC, gas for cooking, use of fridge and microwave oven.  

Where to buy cheap bed, mattress and other room furniture?
For the cheapest bedroom furniture, you can go to Electra at the backside of LL Hospital. I bought our double sized bed, medical mattress and 3 door cabinet for only AED 800 free delivery and bed fixing in our room. Our friend shared a strategy in buying from these shops so you will get the best price.

Choose the furniture you want. Tell the salesman that it is so good, amazing and you really like it. Ask him for the price. Initially he will give you expensive price. Ask him for discount. He will then offer you a lower price. This time, tell him the price that fits your budget. If he will not agree with your price, walk out of the shop and tell him you’ll check first for other shops and you will just come back. He will now run after you, give you a lower price, he will bargain some more with you. Note down the last price he will offer. Check for other shops and do the same. Choose the shop with the lowest price. Now you can buy your furniture from the shop with the lowest offer.

For Rent in Abu Dhabi